Amaiurraldia claims Euskal Herria must “restore his sovereignty”


On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the battle of Amaiur, the movement “Nafarroa berriz altxa” has started a process to claim “a free and sovereign republic”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskal Herriak “burujabetza berreskuratu” behar duela aldarrikatu du Amaiurraldiak

Hundreds of people gathered this Saturday for the monument that recalls the castle of Amaiurevoked by the movement”nafarroa berriz altxa“, in the case that Amaiurraldia

They have paid tribute to the nobles and soldiers who defended Navarre’s independence 500 years ago, claiming that Euskal Herria must “go his own way, liberate his ties to Spain and France” and “build the Basque Republic”.

Joseba Compainsspokesman for the “Nafarroa berriz altxa” platform, recalled the main objectives of the initiative: “On the one hand, to remember what happened here 500 years ago, an important historical event in the loss of the sovereignty of Navarre; and on the other side, argue that Navarre, and Euskal Herria as a whole, must restore sovereignty in the 21st century to face the challenges of the future”.

Representatives of EH Bildu from Navarra were also present, such as Laura Aznal, Joseba Asiron or Bel Pozueta, among others.

The day has combined celebration with justification. After the event in Amaiur, the participants took a walking tour to Arizkun and later a party was held in Elizondo.

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Source: EITB


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