The PNV submits a bill to limit the inviolability of the king


“It is not being presented in terms of a republic or monarchy, but in terms of the fact that here is a situation that is untenable,” Aitor Esteban said when presenting the proposal.

Euskaraz irakurri: EAJk erregearen bortxaezintasuna mugatzeko lege proposamena aurkeztu du

The Basque Nationalist Party announced this Tuesday the presentation of a bill in Congress to limit the king’s immunityand that does not reach their private actions, by amending the Organic Law of the Judiciary in which they admit that “the PSOE has the upper hand.”

The PNV spokesperson in Congress, Aitor Esteban, explained that they are presenting this initiative after the recent “scandals”for the accusations received by King Emeritus Juan Carlos de Borbón, whose investigation was submitted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, arguing that even the royal family should consider this initiative “urgent”, given “how the panorama is”.

The PNV states that in the constitutional debates it seemed that this issue “wanted to be discussed as little as possible” and therefore title two of the Constitution only states that “the person of the king is inviolable and not subject to responsibility” and that his deeds will “always be approved” by the president of the Spanish government or that of Congress, except in the members of his house.

In the opinion of the PNV, this formula gives rise to many interpretations and the inviolability extends to every aspect of the monarch’s activity, including the private, from a “classic British principle” beginning to “break down” that “the king can do no wrong.”

And they therefore propose to develop the interpretation of immunity in the organic law of the judiciary, in the absence of a crown law, to a “limited or interpreted inviolability” and where the “private acts which may have harmed the rights of other people are not proper to the person of the king”.

“It’s not framed in terms of” republic or monarchybut in terms that there is a situation here that cannot be sustained,” said Aitor Esteban.

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Source: EITB


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