Top candidate Kogler – The Greens want to get back into government


Top candidate Kogler – The Greens want to get back into government

The Greens want to be part of the next government. “We are working to become so strong that we can play a role in the next government negotiations,” Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler said. The top candidate for the National Council elections would prefer to remain in politics for the entire legislature.

The Green Party leader said he was a “passionate parliamentarian”. He would “love to head a great team. I want this, I can do it.” The result Kogler achieves is not that important. Yet he prefers to be in government rather than in opposition, even if something can be achieved with that.

The party will select its candidates for the National Council elections at the federal congress in Vienna on Saturday. The first five places have already been announced. Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler, who recently rocked the turquoise-green coalition with her yes to the EU renaturation law, is second on the list. Justice Minister Alma Zadić, who recently announced her pregnancy, is competing for third place, followed by club boss Sigrid Maurer and general secretary Olga Voglauer.

Focus on nature and soil protection
Kogler’s most important topics in the election campaign should be nature and soil protection. This is “of vital importance” and the population supports this. Other content of the Greens is the defense of the independent judiciary, the fight for an “endangered” democracy, a pro-European attitude, equality and the fight against poverty among the elderly and children.

“Others have driven the cart into the mud and we will get it out again,” the party leader is convinced of the dependence on Russian gas. “Other people did this to us. I will mention this again in the election campaign. This is an economic crime.”

In the last National Council elections in 2019, the party obtained 13.9 percent, and according to current surveys this is much lower.

Source: Krone


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