Deciding together – initiator of referendum: ‘Government is not listening’


Nearly a million people have so far signed the numerous referenda of the “Joint Initiative Decisions” – for example on the topic of “vaccination requirements” or “smoking ban”. A number of projects are currently in phase 1, whereby the required 8401 signatures must be collected to reach phase 2, the admission to the registration week. In particular the “Bruno Kreisky referendum on neutrality”, a referendum on the “upper limit” and a “referendum of a self-help group”.

The operators’ experiences are mixed: “The government likes to talk about direct democracy, but is usually deaf when it comes to listening and implementing specific concerns,” said Werner Bolek, co-initiator of the “Beleven Together Initiative” in ” asked”. Switzerland is said to be much more mature and advanced than Austria. Nevertheless, the probable end of the vaccination obligation, according to Bolek, also has to do with the referenda in this area. In the video above you can see much more details about direct democracy in Austria.

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Source: Krone


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