At party congress in Tyrol – FPÖ chairman Abwerzger re-elected with 98 percent


On Sunday, the regular party conference of the Tyrolean FPÖ took place in Schwaz – this was also the unofficial starting signal for the election campaign for the early state elections on September 25. State party leader Markus Abwerzger was re-elected as chairman with 97.9 percent. In his speech, he conjured up a bitter ÖVP defeat in the elections. Only then can the black system be overcome, the FPÖ is the only real challenger. Federal party leader Herbert Kickl even saw Abwerzger as governor.

“Tyrol has finally earned a government without the Greens and another governor,” Abwerzger said before about 300 delegates. The FPÖ leader spoke of September 25 as the “mother of all battles”. The FPÖ has “beautiful polls”, now you have to “put the PS on the street”. The ÖVP failed in “all areas” – from transit to housing. Outgoing governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) betrayed Tyrolean interests and instead imposed the strictest corona measures in Austria together with his government.

“September 25 is payday. The day of reckoning with the Corona policy”. Society was divided, fighters for freedom and self-determination were put in the corner. Children have been robbed of their future.

“We can, but we don’t have to govern,” explains Abwerzger. In any case, the ÖVP does not compete for government participation like the other opposition parties.

Kickl: “Governor Abwerzger”
Herbert Kickl, chairman of the federal party FPÖ, sees a real chance that the FPÖ will nominate the provincial governor after the early Tyrolean state elections on September 25. After the election, the “era of state governor Markus Abwerzger will begin,” Kickl said in his hour-long speech to his party leader. He trusts Abwerzger that this is not impossible.

Waving flags – and after a brass band delegation sang the Tyrolean national anthem “Zu Mantua in Banden” and the national anthem – Federal President Herbert Kickl, Abwerzger and other greats of the Tyrolean FPÖ entered the well-filled hall under a more modern soundscape. Party leaders such as Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz, Salzburg FPÖ leader Marlene Svazek and Vienna FPÖ president Dominik Nepp were also present in Schwaz.

Abwerzger had received 98.7 percent of the MPs vote when he was last elected three years ago. He narrowly missed that result this time. Abwerzger no longer needed to be elected as the top candidate for the elections, the highest party organs had already done that a few weeks ago.

The Tyrolean FPÖ won 15.53 percent (6.19 percent) and five seats in the 2018 state elections. However, when it comes to government participation, they have been disregarded so far, outgoing governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) was not determined. a friend of the collaboration with the FPÖ.

Source: Krone


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