Espinoza de los Monteros’s lies to justify his payroll order


Vox leader Ivan Espinoza de los Monteros paid off debt last week for his chalet reform, one of the best neighborhoods in the five-story luxury home in Madrid. He did so eight years later and under pressure from Justice; After several sentences against him and when he had no other choice because all his complaints were not upheld.

A few days ago, on March 21, the Court of Justice issued an order to deduct salaries from the Congress of Deputies, a ruling that was revealed by And it was only after the news broke and when he was about to impose an embargo on his paycheck that Vox’s spokesman in parliament paid off the debt, which he refused, even though the final proposal was already final.

Espinosa de los Monteros was eventually paid by the builder, who upgraded his shawl. But in the various versions and explanations he has offered to justify this situation, the Vox spokesman has addressed a number of lies and half-truths.

Ivan Espinoza de los Monteros: “I said I would defend the proposal, among other things, because the proposal gave me 75% reason.”

This is one of the most repeated statements by Espinosa de los Monteros since revealed that he was fined for not paying part of the work on his shawl, but it is not true that the sentence was 75% correct or that the builder Demanded four times the amount of the sentence. The builder sued him, and Espinoza de los Monteros was sentenced twice by a court: first to the company of which he was the sole administrator, and then directly to him.

Therefore, Espinosa de los Monteros did not want to obey the first proposal it claims today, but it closed its company Pedro Heredia SL and declared bankruptcy to avoid the amount of the penalty. According to the second sentence handed down by the provincial court, signed by the three magistrates on June 13, 2019, now deputy Espinoza de los Monteros “did not act in accordance with the required diligence” when he closed the company without paying the debt. . “Mr Espinoza’s justification for submitting a tender is a bona fide act,” the letter said, concluding that “declaring insolvency in debt review” meant “creditor fraud.”

Yes, there was a reduction in the amount of debt owed, but it was far from 75%. The Madrid Court of First Instance in 2014 paid Pedro Heredia 6 SL – the company Espinosa de los Monteros RUE SL (Rehabilitation, Urbanization and Construction SL) an additional 74,108 euros. Los Monteros then appealed the conviction, which was ratified on March 30, 2015, although it was reduced to € 57,038 as the company Pedro Heredia 6 SL took responsibility for several previous invoices as indicated in the sentence to those who had access. In this magazine.

“Obedience means payment. It’s a matter of who. Because this unscrupulous builder closed his company eight years ago, he left a lot, including the Treasury and Social Security. During this time I received requests from Social Security and the Treasury for this. Any payment that should Paid me, would go directly to them.

As was able to verify, this statement contains two lies.

First: RUE (Rehabilitation, Urbanization and Construction) was not closed at any time. It is a company with no activities but still open, administered by Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vazquez since April 29, 2015, seven years ago.

The second lie: It is a lie that this company has any debt to the treasury. According to the latest certificate from the tax agency that had access to, the treasury “confirms” that the RUE (Rehabilitation, Urbanization and Construction) is “updated with its tax liabilities”.

The only person to close the company by filing for bankruptcy to avoid paying the first sentence was Espinoza de los Monteros, who was forced to pay another court for “creditor fraud”.

“Because I no longer want to continue to be immersed in this administrative bureaucracy, which is somewhat difficult for me, and because it is the easiest thing to bring money to court, well, I did it.

It is true that Espinosa de los Monteros has already paid off a large part of the debt: the principal amount, € 63,000 and legal costs, but only after revealed that the embargo order had fallen on its deputy’s salary.

The leader of Vox has always had the opportunity to enroll money in court. He told a news conference at the House of Representatives that it was “the easiest”. But he did so only four months after the Supreme Court upheld the sentence and when his salary was threatened.

“I have never had accounts seized. I will see if there is a prosecution, but it is clear that this is a lie.”

Espinosa de los Monteros has threatened to sue over a court order ordering a salary deduction, the Vox leader had already confiscated “balances on his current accounts”. This is stated in the court order given in this wording, where the პირველი36 court of first instance of Madrid orders the deprivation of the deputy’s salary.

The same request states that Espinoza de los Monteros also had a “tax refund” that he could obtain. In fact, the same letter states that a Vox MP blocked 319 euros in treasury funds that the builder could have accumulated.

In addition, according to the property register, the court also seized a five-story house for the work of which he stopped paying the builder: his usual residence.

Source: El Diario


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