Interview with Eneko Andueza, General Secretary of the PSE-EE, on the Boulevard de Radio Euskadi


The Secretary-General of the Basque Socialists has pointed out that many measures can be taken from the self-government “through those powers that we have transferred”.

The General Secretary of the PSE-EE, Eneko Anduezahas emphasized that at its meeting next Tuesday with the Lehendakari, his party will table “additional measures to those already taken by the Spanish government”, so that we from Euskadi can “contribute to ensure that there are no worse consequences ” for the invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview this morning on Radio Euskadi’s “Boulevard”, the Secretary General of the Basque Socialists pointed out that from self-government, “through the powers we have transferred”, many measures can be taken from all departments. In that sense he has highlighted measures in the economic field, but also in the field of people, “that must be central”.

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Source: EITB


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