Fittipaldi still sees Fernando Alonso as having a chance to win the World Cup


the brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi, two-time Formula One world champion, believes that Fernando Alonsowho will race for Aston Martin next season, He still has a chance to win his third title.

Sure, it has possibilities. He is the most experienced driver, he is motivated and very talented. He showed up this year” with Alpine, he said in an interview with Efe Fittipaldi, who, like the Spaniard, is a two-time champion of the top category of motorsports (1972 and 1974).

The Brazilian former pilot, of Italian descent, declared himself “a great follower” of Alonso, whom he placed “among the best” from the current F1 grid at 41 years old, although he did not assess his signing for the Aston Martin team.

He knows what he’s doing. A driver’s decision to change teams is a personal decision which indicates events that we do not know. It’s hard to judge from the outside,” he stressed.

I don’t know how Aston Martin or where it will be next year, it’s a complicated thing to comment on“, he added.

Despite this uncertaintyfully confident in the “talent” of Alonso, champion in 2005 and 2006 and who in his opinion “continues to be very strong”.

“I always say that Fernando is a guy who starts behind and ends up ahead. Historically, this is what he likes to do the most,” he said.

In this sense, Fittipaldi, the first Brazilian to become Formula One world champion, Considering Alonso still has the ropes for a while, as long as he stays motivated.

“The day he doesn’t have motivation, he stops, but anyone who goes to the track motivated knows that he can win and he is motivated,” said the Formula Indy champion (1989) and two-time Indianapolis 500 champion (1989 and 1993 ). ) ).

Source: La Verdad


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