Rooney attacks Cristiano: “Let him go”


That’s already known christian he is loved or hated and in the situation of uncertainty he is in, he develops feelings of guilt against United and understanding in equal parts. And also know that the relationship with Wayne Rooney not the best. In his column for The Times, CR7’s former United partner sent a restrained but calm dig at the Portuguese. It was clear to him: let him.

“I will not play with Cristiano Ronaldo and I will not play with him Marcus Rashford” wrote DC United’s current MLS coach. “If I were in Ten Hag’s position, my main concern would be to have strength on the pitch, and the fact that United didn’t sign ‘nine’ means they trusted Ronaldo against him. Brentford, even though he hasn’t trained much with the team. He seems to need time to get better,” added Rooney with a hint of irony.

One of the reasons why the 37-year-old former player will let Cristiano leave is because he doesn’t see a place for him in the project with young soccer players who wants to build a Ten Hag. “Cristiano has also made it known that he wants to leave the club. I don’t know his reasons but, as I wrote in my last column, I will let him. He is a good player. and always score goalsbut the work of Have a Hag is to build a team that can compete for the title in three or four years. That means rebuilding with younger players,” concluded Wayne Rooney.

Source: La Verdad


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