“This League started at 1,000% and referees should be at 2,000”


The president of the Technical Committee of Referees of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Medina Cantalejo, He assured this Wednesday that this League is “atypical” because of the World Cup break and the players have started “at a thousand percent” so, in his opinion, the referees should be around two thousand and the one that did not arrive. at that level it was communicated, but “always in private”.

Medina, who participated this afternoon in a meeting with members of the Castilian and Leonese Committee, underlined in front of the journalists that in these four days there “some penalties” and that he saw them as the whole world saw them, but both the rules and the observations “were always made in private”.

“The slogans given in the summer are the same ones that appear in the middle of the season and the same at the end, but the balance is made at the end and not in four days, although we have two. balance, one that is the referee of field and another in VAR, and every week we notify successes or mistakeswith the many successes there have been and also the mistakes”, he specified.

He said that in football sometimes more interested in “noise than calm” and that the mistake sells more than the success but above all that “we must have enough calm and continue working on the same lines, what we do is try in every way to follow a fair line in all games”.

“Noise is noise, and it was the same 40 years ago, 20 years ago and it will be the same in 30 years, butor easily referee and find teams that play often and if they believe that there was an obvious mistake, there will always be criticism”, insisted Medina, considering that it is all part of the game but that the referee’s evaluations are “from within” and outside the media because he also not “listening.” coaches criticize their players.

Finally, the president of the Referees Technical Committee indicated that the The level of refereeing in Spain is “excellent” and that the Spanish First RFEF referees can whistle in the highest category of some European leagues.

Source: La Verdad


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