The dirty hands of Booby Moore and the Queen of England


Winston Churchill said that “there are so many lies about the world, and the worst part is that half of them are true”. The phrase came into the collection of the last hours of the Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by himself Balmoral. There, in the gardens of that Scottish castle, it is said that he, as a child, played goalkeeper when the family played soccer in the summer. Nor the biographers of Queen They have verified that this data is real. As no one agreed on whether he had a predilection for West Ham or for Arsenaltwo of the many teams of London where they choose and prefer to be their favorites. What is true, because some hero said it, is what happened in the old box Wembleythe afternoon in 1966 that England won their first and only World Cup title.

After beating Germany in extra time, the captain Bobby Moore climb 39 steps to take the Jules Rimet Cup from the hands of the queen of the host country. On the way to the Royal Box, Bobby Moore he noticed that the Queen was wearing perfectly clean white gloves and that her hands, after the encounter, were beyond dirty. secretly, Moore He told how he tried to clean them with his shorts on the way. The rest is in the historical photos of the moment. 70 years of reign was given, footballingly for a lot. Liverpool, United, Chelsea, Nottingham, Celtic Y Aston Villa they won European Cups… but, the choice, a single world. The only one he delivered with white gloves.

Source: La Verdad


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