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Villarreal is a tough bone, but we caught him in a good season, between two Champions duels against Bayern. Their result last Wednesday will cause them to prioritize the European return over the League. The yellows have options to go to the semifinals, which could make fishing on a turbulent river more feasible. But as we said before, the other fails more easily. So it’s not worth talking about empanadas or anything like that. Sa loro!

We have, unlike our rivals, a whole week to prepare for the battles. Villarreal, on the other hand, not even 72 hours. Going to the Estadio de la Cerámica with no thought and with little intensity on the field is unforgivable.

As if that wasn’t enough, all the signs point to our leader’s return to provide consistency in the background. To Iñigo Martínez the defense seems different and in his position he is improving those around him. Hopefully, though we will have to wait until its presence is confirmed or not.

Asier Villaliber

No one can blame the mention of the Gernika striker on opportunism. From this same page Villalibre’s presence in the red and white line-up has long been claimed. It has nothing to do with the fact that he eventually scored a major goal for the victory over Elche.

The question is: knowing that no coach is throwing stones at his own roof, does anyone believe that what Marcelino recognizes as the only center forward in the squad doesn’t give more than five minutes at a time? In stuck games and even against a rival with fewer players, read Betis and Getafe, isn’t the Gernika striker an exploitative resource? Twelve minutes against Getafe at home with fewer players since the 60th minute. Some situations are difficult to understand.

Each coach has his or her own recipe, but if one from Villaviciosa complained that he had no center forward, last Sunday was a game that showed who has the moves and basis of a center forward and who nothing. It seems clear that he is not a goal either, Aduriz, Urzaiz, Llorente or Ziganda style killer.

Why is this obsession? Iñaki Williams will certainly give us a lot in another position, like Villalibre to the striker if he enjoys the confidence that he has been rejected.

The one who could have done the most damage by being a typecast in a position that wasn’t his, Marcelino acknowledges, was Iñaki himself. The oldest in Williams, in a great game, has formed or developed countless occasions. To his misfortune, he was again unlucky in the face of goal. Body language after marrados occasions betrayed that she was not having fun, that it could even affect her emotionally.

animation grandstand

At the time of writing this collaboration I do not know what happened at the Extraordinary Assembly last night. I just wish that the debate had been educational and calm on everyone’s part and that we had become stronger, regardless of the outcome. It is desirable that it does not cause fracture and weaken us as a Club. It should not produce sores, and if it does, we will close them as soon as possible. With or without an Animation Stand, let’s do what binds us and not what separates us. If nothing is wrong, here in seven days.

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