“Fighting for LaLiga? We will try to disturb”


Rodrigo de Paul spoke in the press room after Atlético de Madrid beat Celta de Vigo 4-1 with a goal from the Argentine and an assist. “I’m happy for the help and for Ángel more than the goal”.

match analysis

“It was a good game in general for the team. The most important thing is the image the team gave based on the important games coming up”.

Competition is high

“The competition that exists in the middle of the court is great because it pushes us all to improve and compete. This is the basis of what Atlético de Madrid wants to fight for this year. Afterwards, they are getting to know each other, I hope I can give the team more assists and goals. Something that I always give attitude, I really want, you have to have a winning attitude to get things. I will never let go.”

his purpose

“As for the goal, I always had more with the assistance, because the ones who should score the goals are the forwards. Ángel has scored and it will be useful. Along with Nahuel we know a lot of each other from Udinese and Argentina. We met a look. This is a step we have taken on other occasions. In fact, in the last game against Porto I did something similar to Marcos and he was offside a bit. Above all I am happy for the help and for Ángel”

Competition with Real Madrid and Barça

“Real Madrid is the last champion. We’re going to try to disrupt, we’re game by game. And when the end comes we will see if we are in a position to compete. I am convinced that we are a team that everyone respects and does not want to face each other. The favorite is Real Madrid because they are the champions and then Barcelona for everyone they have signed”.

Locker room sensations

“Most of the people who live in this locker room come out champions. And the emerging champion knows what that is. We all want to have another medal, it’s not about being conformist. The last champion is always the favorite because everyone wants to beat him and they have seen how Barcelona has become stronger. We will fight, when the time comes, if there is a favorable situation, we will do the final sprint to try to do it. Now the last champion is the favorite”.

Source: La Verdad


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