Is it right to postpone the Premier’s day because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II?


Yes, Premier day had to be postponed. He had to do that because death was above all. Even in the UK where football is a way of life. And even more so if it is a person as related to the country as Queen Elizabeth II, who has been a symbol of British society for 70 years.

It is a stop on the way, as a sign of respect, to move forward with confidence and the ability to continue to embrace the symbols of a region that is what it is, in part, because of what an important figure represents. such as Queen Elizabeth II. In the dates of his farewell, which by definition should be moments of solemnity, there is no room for a celebration as strict as football, which, on the other hand, should return to its nature as soon as possible when the figure of the monarch.

In this way, all levels are satisfied and, once the relevant respect is shown, they can once again enjoy the spectacle of football that moves so much in the United Kingdom.

The suspension of the Premier League due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II is absurd, more than because it does not have football itself, because of its meaning. The world should not stop for the death of anyone, least of all for an aristocrat with lights but with shadows, and if not, ask the African countries that suffered from British colonialism.

In addition to the fact that we are talking about a natural death, at a very advanced age, there have been more serious tragedies in recent years, such as several terrorist attacks in London and other areas of the world, and no league has stopped. in mourning. Was Elizabeth II, however famous she was, more than just those victims? The decision to cancel the day was voluntary and the fact that the clubs chose it is another example of the immaturity of an uncritical British society, and that, unfortunately, football is aligned with power. And for Isabel II’s admirers, as former soccer players like Petr Crouch have said, there could be no greater tribute than a show like the Premier.

Source: La Verdad


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