Alcaraz took to the streets of Barcelona and will share the award with Antonio Banderas


The US Open winner and new world number one, Carlos Alcaraz, celebrating his success with a large advertising canvas of its sponsor, the Nike brand, hangs on a building in Barcelona near the Sagrada Família.

In the picture on the canvas, Alcaraz shouts his victory in the middle of the image under the usual motto of the American brand: ‘Just do 1t’ (Just do it). But now, In tribute to his first Grand Slam and his number one, the ‘i’ has been replaced by a ‘1’.

This advertisement was planned to celebrate the work of the Spanish tennis player in New York can also be seen in other big cities.

On the other hand, the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents (ACPE) has awarded its annual prizes to Carlos Alcaraz, Antonio Banderas, Bertín Osborne and the Puy du Fou España park.

The jury, chaired by Bertrand de la Grange and composed of correspondents from Canada, China, Cuba, the United States, France, Peru and Uruguay, selected candidates in four categories: Culture and Science; Sports and Overcoming; Innovative Journalism and Tourism with Identity.

The ACPE will present its trophies, made by the sculptor Santiago de Santiago, in an action that will take place at the Cecilio Rodríguez Pavilion of El Retiro in Madrid next September 22.

Source: La Verdad


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