Five duels for a final


Spain faces host country Germany this Friday in a battle of opposing styles to secure the medal at the Eurobasket

Germany, “the best team yet” as Sergio Scariolo said on Thursday, and Spain face each other on Friday (8:30 p.m., Telecinco) for a place in the Eurobasket final. Two teams that started the tournament bemoaning the significant absences they had and have shown that their collective cadre is above any individuality. “We are all humble and supportive,” said Rudy Fernández.

Scariolo could not count on Ricky Rubio, Llull, Abalde, Abrines and Claver, while Gordon Hebert lost Moritz Wagner, Tibor Pleiss, Óscar Da Silva, Isaac Bonga, Maxi Kleber and Isaiah Hartenstein in pre-season. Losses few miss since a roaring championship began. This second semi-final (the first, France-Poland, will be played at 5:15 PM), is presented as a battle between two saves that have reached their maximum performance. Each with their weapons. Germany, the favourite, with the best attack in the whole competition. 93.6 points average, over a hundred in three out of seven games. Spain, with the defense by flag. Difficult to approach when Alberto Díaz, Rudy and Garuba converge on the field. Though both styles are reversible.

Because Scariolo’s is the team that takes the most rebounds on offense (14.7) and has an average of 90.4 points despite their problems from outside the arc. The Teutons, for their part, eliminated Greece by forcing them of defensive intensity to make decisions that were least in their favour, such as Antetokounmpo’s outside shot.

The precedents favor Spain (11-2), but old water doesn’t move mills. Since 1999, the team has only been off the podium in 2005, after losing in the semifinals to the German team, which has not played metal since. 74-73, with Dirk Nowitzki scoring the winning basket off Jorge Garbajosa. Now everything has changed. One is president of the Spanish Federation and the other a luxury spectator of a Eurobasket decided in Berlin. A hostess situation that can also tip the scales. Influence with his gala atmosphere in five individual duels that can be seen on the floor of the Mercedes Benz Arena.

Germany has a 40.4% success rate in triples, they have scored 17 against Greece and the Magic forward has a good foul. 5 out of 7 in quarters and a 51.5% success rate in the league so far. And not a little precise throwing. But if he excels in one place, it is in his versatility, play without the ball and agility in his 2.08 meters. The difference of 12 centimeters -and 16 years younger- compared to Rudy (1.96) suggests that the Germans will try to use that superiority in the low post. Nothing new for the Majorcan.

Here the offensive potential is borne by the Spaniards and the defensive by the German. Theis is an energetic, endlessly armed, rocky center that is difficult to move; the German anchor in the area. He was decisive against Greece, with 13 points, 16 rebounds and numerous places in the rear. The Spanish center is demonstrating all the foundations and offensive assets it harbors near the rim after being overshadowed by the presence of the Gasols from 2015 to 2021. The man from Madrid confirms himself as the leader of the Spain of the rookies.

When the attacks are entangled, they appear. Their technical quality may differ at key moments as their wrists do not tremble when it comes to taking responsibility. With much more weight with the ball Lorenzo Brown, who averages 13.4 points and 7.4 assists. His partnership with Willy and his knack for generating comfortable shots for his teammates puts a lot of Spain’s options past. He will have to be careful with the losses that have weighed him heavily at times, as Germany scores a lot of points in the transition and would drive the game into madness.

Johannes Voigtmann-Juancho Hernangomez. They are like those actors who alternate the roles of leading and supporting. They never clash, but their great performances appear with discontinuity and no determination to hit the table. Voigtmann is a luxury as a second sword. Hebert’s leader rebounder with 7.1 catches (1.7 in offense), he is able to play in ‘four’ and ‘five’, with great tactical intelligence. Juancho will have to roll up his sleeves. Unlike the 2019 World Cup, Scariolo mainly uses him as a power forward.

One is escort and the other is interior. Their game has nothing to do with it and they may not meet during the game, but their role can be decisive. They are player number ‘6’ of each team. Those who usually do not play the last minutes, but leave their mark on the previous ones. Andreas Obst turns out to be a very reliable shooter. Garuba is different. A regular off the bench, his defensive role, like Rudy, allows him to mate with just about any player, and his transition runs can come to define the runner-up.

Source: La Verdad


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