What would Alcaraz say to Federer if he offered to be his coach? The tennis player replied


As announced last Wednesday Pablo motorcyclesthis Monday the new number 1 in world tennis, the Spaniard, visited ‘El Hormiguero’ Carlos Alcaraz. The young tennis player managed to win the top of the general classification after defeating the Norwegian Casper Ruud in the US Open final.

“Do you believe?” asked the presenter when he entered the set of Antena 3. “Well, honestly, not yet. . I don’t have time to stop, think and assimilate everything I’ve experienced and it will take several weeks,” answered the Murcian.

however, Alcaraz He emphasized in his message that the difficult part has now begun. And staying on top won’t be easy.

number one

The fact is that the entire interview is devoted to sports. It is not for less after his last victory. In this way, the tennis player and Pablo motorcycles They review some photos of the US Open final and even comment on some points that helped him to be crowned number one.

I was very tense. I’m hardly nervous“, he acknowledged Alcaraz when seeing one of the match points. However, beyond sports, including locks Y canyonthere was also space in the program for laughter, anecdotes and the occasional Murcian confession.

Beside you from the beginning

In this line, at the end of the interview, the two ants of the format asked him some funny questions, of which one stood out. Not because of the question but because of the emotional response of the Spanish tennis player, who showed humility and gratitude. locks Y canyon they asked him what he would say Roger Federer if he proposed to be her coach.

His answer was “Nope“. A rejection that surprised everyone, which caused Alcaraz is reasonable. “Juan Carlos is my second father and I wouldn’t change him for the world“, assured the tennis player. A few words that drew applause from the public, aware of the good story behind the tandem formed by the Murcian and the Valencian.

Source: La Verdad


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