The last jump from Spain for Qatar


The duels against Switzerland and Portugal, in which La Roja risks his presence in the Final Four of the League of Nations, will also serve as a test for a World Cup that is imminent.

The Spanish team returns to the table. Luis Enrique’s team faces the last two matches of the League of Nations in a privileged position to reach the Final Four of a tournament that currently has them as runners-up. Thanks to the eight points collected by La Roja in June, La Roja can rely on itself to achieve a goal that has set the Asturian coach on fire, delighted at a match in which, he continues to remember, every mistake becomes paid for a price of gold. But the last step is missing: Switzerland and Portugal overcome to close the group in style. It is the last jump left for Spain before the World Cup in Qatar.

Since UEFA lightened the League of Nations in 2018 with the aim of replacing the insignificant friendlies of another time with clashes between teams of similar rank and a prestigious title at stake, Luis Enrique, who premiered his national helmsman’s clothing in it, attacking England at Wembley with goals from Saúl and Rodrigo, has expressed his condolences for the tournament. It fits perfectly with the fierce competitive spirit that characterizes him and his way of understanding the national team as a team that thrives on fighting without a safety net.

The Asturian’s first approach was unsuccessful, with defeats to England in Seville and Croatia in Zagreb, paving the way for the Spanish team to the Final Four, who eventually crowned Portugal champions at the start of the tournament. The second culminated in the San Siro, where a controversial goal by Mbappé put France on the throne, leaving a honey-filled block on the lips that the current Queen of Europe came home breaking with a confident proposition. Luis Enrique’s goal is to get lucky the third time and that’s why the challenge focuses.

However much the World Cup is two months away, the Spanish coach is now urging the 25 footballers who have been concentrated in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas since Monday on the need to think only of Switzerland and Portugal, without looking at a appointment that, no one misses, is nevertheless very present, both in the minds of those called to this window and in those who, despite not having heard his name from the coach’s mouth last Friday, do not lose hope to part of the World Cup expedition.

“It’s the last call-up for the World Cup, but the coach told us to forget it, because this competition is very important, we are playing for a Final Four,” José Luis Gaya, one of the internationals most risky in his career career, I remembered Tuesday. I return to the national team almost a year later because the competition on the left is extraordinary. “It’s not the World Cup list, but it’s a pride to always come here. These are important games for us, we want to be in these Final Four,” agrees Pedri, who is destined to lead the team in the big game. planetary event.

“These are two games that will demand a lot from us, both from Switzerland, which plays very well as a team, and Portugal, which has a lot of individuals. It gives us another plus to be able to qualify for the Final Four in preparation for the World Cup because there is still a long way to go It seems close but it is quite a bit Now we are focused on trying to qualify for a tournament that we were on the cusp of winning last time and hopefully can we qualify for the Final Four, which will give us a lot of confidence for what’s to come, “Koke, another safe value for Qatar.

The bills are clear. If Spain beat Portugal at Braga’s municipal stadium next Tuesday, it will achieve that long-awaited goal that will host the Group 4 winning country in June 2023, now led by the Netherlands but in which Belgium is still in the ointment. Although Luis Enrique’s pupils were even able to get to the religious heart of the Iberian neighbor with a guaranteed pass, for which they must win on Saturday at Switzerland’s La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza and the Czech Republic knock out the Portuguese in Prague, a town the Quinas have stepped on three times, kneeling on them all.

Source: La Verdad


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