Real Madrid: ‘Ceballos moment’


It’s complicated, but Daniel Ceballos In front of him is a challenge he can rise to and nothing more than to carve out a bigger hole than he already has in the midfield.

And the options for this mainly go through his quality and perseverance, which he has (he participated in 8 of the 9 games played by Real Madrid) and also because of Ancelotti’s rotation plans that do from now until world for players to like Luka Modric either Tchouameni don’t save too many minutes on your legs after the meeting in Qatar where they played everything.

In this way, this national team break can serve as a testing and preparation ground for Ceballos to continue raising his level. A level that gives him to be a starter at real Madrid (It is and has a good score in the duel against Majorca) but don’t do it above Modric either Cross. Big word.

Your renewal is at stake

And beyond the starting position, what is still at stake for Dani Ceballos is his renewal, as he is one of the first-team players who will end his union next June and, for now, there are no signs that he will extend .

It is true that he has more possibilities than Marco Asensio, who is another player who also ended his contract in 2013, but the truth is that real Madrid it keeps waiting for events because there is no rush.

So, on Daniel Ceballos An exciting challenge has been presented to him in these months which, although it is not the World Cup with the national team as it seems that he will not attend, it is to make a bigger hole in real Madrid.

Source: La Verdad


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