Luis Enrique: “There is no future, I’m only worried about tomorrow’s game”


The coach insists on living in the present and only thinking Switzerland

The Spanish coach Luis Enrique Martinezshock studied against Switzerland of UEFA Nations League which will be held this Saturday at La Romareda in Zaragoza. An important meeting to continue the fight to enter the Final Four for the second time in a row. On top of that, his future is once again on the table despite the fact that it was decided to study it after the World Cup. “We have agreed on it like this between the two parties,” said the coach, who added: “The future does not exist. It exists today and today’s training. There is nothing new because we don’t want that. I am not worried about anything something beyond what can happen today and the professional aspect of the open game”.

In fact, the Asturian coach made sure that he would not speculate against Switzerland despite the fact that a victory against Portugal in the last game I classified him. “The most ready for the game will play Switzerland. There are so many variables, so many variants”. Yes, when he was asked if Ferran, Morata and Sarabia will play up top, he was quite clear: “I want to say it to my players first but you are not lost”. Later, he did not removed that Borja and Morata could be together on the green of La Romareda.” We don’t change our way of attacking based on the players.”

In this line, Luis Enrique featured the attitude of the entire group. “I rely a lot on the sensations of what I see in training. This is the best week in terms of quality and intensity of training in my entire career as a coach. I don’t see any player with any doubts. Even the new one, Borja and Nico and That makes me optimistic.” In fact, he joked: “I could throw the balls in the air and I would have full confidence in what came out to play. But it will not be like that.”

Luis Enrique He also talked about the possibility of using the walkies he already uses in training as well as in matches. “It would be wonderful. I will continue to use it in training. The only handicap is for the player, because in a game the tension increases. As a coach I would love to only be able to give order to the pivot, but I see you’re poor.”

Finally, he highlighted the stadium of The Romareda, where he scored on his day. “It distills football history,” he said. “In a setting as beautiful as this one, one of the historical ones of football, in a football city of all time” and he added: “The public is going to take us in stride and I hope we beat Switzerland”. In this spirit, he asked the fans not to whistle the rival anthem.

Source: La Verdad


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