Federer, the Billion Man


The legendary Swiss tennis player has amassed a huge fortune thanks to his impeccable public image and numerous sponsorships

Roger Federer’s success goes far beyond what he has achieved on the field. His tournament prizes amount to 130 million euros, slightly less than Rafa Nadal (131) and Novak Djokovic (159), the tennis player who has won the most money in history in this area. But it is only a small part of the Swiss’ total profit. His charisma, his good work and his appeal have made him the perfect claim for the biggest luxury brands in the world. Rolex, Mercedes, and Moet & Chandon are some of the sponsors that have covered Federer over the years, raising his aggregate fortune to over 1,000 million, one of the largest in the sporting world.

In 2020, he became the most profitable athlete in the world, leading the Forbes list for the first time. Even the fact that he has barely played 20 games in two and a half years does not weigh on his economic popularity. In 2022, he was the seventh highest paid athlete in the world, earning more than 90.7 million.

All thanks to an aura of chivalry, harmony and talent spanning his 24-year career. It was no surprise when Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand, landed the biggest financial deal of his career at the age of 37. 300 million in ten years, ie 10 million per season, which are covered after his retirement. Federer would be armored for millions until he is 46 years old.

With these new clothes, Federer broke a historic relationship that he had had with Nike since its foundation in Switzerland. The American brand paid him 150 million during his career but was unwilling to keep any of its icons because of the prohibitive price Uniqlo set.

Yes, Federer has maintained relationships with Rolex watches, which insure him eight million per course, as well as with the Italian pasta brand Barilla, for which he receives another eight million annually. Moet & Chandon champagne gives him eight million more per season, slightly more than the seven from Sunrise, the six from the tech company Netjets, the five from Mercedes Benz, the four from the chocolate company Lindt and the two the Credit Suisse bank gives it. . Add to this the sponsorship he has with Wilson, his racket supplier, On, Sunrise and the luggage company Rimowa.

Your portfolio does not end here. Federer has been receiving fixed bonuses for participation in tournaments for many years, which amount to 2,000 million euros and do not count towards his prize money. The Swiss did not receive these amounts for participation in the Grand Slams, but he did in that lower category of championships. In addition, he had agreements with tournaments such as Basel -his home- or Halle to attend them exclusively and not to be misled by other tournaments played in the same week.

The continuity of all this sponsorship is not jeopardized despite the fact that Federer will not play any more official games once the Laver Cup in London, and the fact is that the Swiss has already reiterated that he intends to remain affiliated in some way. tennis another. “Borg has been 25 years without stepping into Wimbledon since he retired. I’m not gonna be like that. I won’t be a ghost to the fans. The first stop on his retirement journey will lead him to spend more time with his family, especially his four children and his wife, Mirka, but Federer plans to continue walking his racket beyond the Grand Slams and official tournaments. . , at exhibitions around the world.

This scenario is not strange for Federer, who has already been dropped several times in those places on the planet that are not so used to his presence. For example, the Swiss tennis player’s tours through South America have earned him more than ten million euros each.

Roger Federer’s philanthropic activity also plays a role, which has led him to host several charity competitions throughout his professional career. The latter, played in February 2020, together with Rafa Nadal, brought together more than 50,000 people in South Africa and served to raise €3.5 million for children’s education on the African continent. The creation of the legendary Swiss tennis player, which has more than 18 years of history, has helped two million children in the world.

Source: La Verdad


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