Real’s 1×1 against Bayern


Extraordinary Letter

He avoided a wider result with excellent saves such as the first two in the 0-0 and the two in the last leg of the match. Champions goalkeeper. No one should blame him for the goals.

Poljak Airosa

good Electric and dynamic, he stopped Bühl as much as he could and stood until the last minute. Fresh air.

rushed roof

He started bravely, risked passes and was stubborn with Schüller, but he did not clear the power at 1-0 and Lohman left him at 3-0. Better settled with the change to the three centrals.

Specht succeeded

Dallmann, indiscernibly coming from behind, gave him the night. He was unlucky to hit the 2-0 ball to dismiss Lete. He also adjusted to the drawing change and ruined his face with Damnjanovic.

Barnabas was tireless

Awesome strap. He suffered at the back, but resolutely got up and provided the assist for 3-1. Cecilia substituted after feeling discomfort after the tackle.

Stalled Irises

Its rhythm is different from the German bullet train. The Germans removed every last atom of oxygen and that caused losses. He finished as a center back until he was replaced at halftime.

Evening is difficult

He wasted every last drop of sweat. He stopped the physical pulse of the Germans and gave some pauses on the ball. The cost of him stepping on the spot this time.

Gemma is vague

Little participation and a few errant passes. Replaced at rest.

Last Nerea

It is difficult for him to play, but when he does, it is to restore his personality to Real. It hit 3-2. The Champions League is not big for him.

Frances Rising

He began to rise to fame when he left the band and was placed inside. When Amaiur came out he finished activating.

Jensen Scorer

A constant explorer of the ball and spaces. His tenacity brought him the prize of the goal, taking advantage of a subtle left by Bernabé. Difficulty with conflicts.

The changes

Vanegas is strong

Gave hold and strength

Andrea Constant

This gave continuity to the game.

Sarriegi Rockera

He missed the spark earlier.

Cecilia Lucid

Details and snails. Come back.

look to the future

A few minutes to dream.

Source: La Verdad


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