The Volcano Ultramarathon Awards Two Cartagena Athletes


Javier Martínez and María Isabel Fuentes win in 112 kilometers, the toughest and most comprehensive test with early morning sections

The international ultramarathon Jimbee Volcano has been celebrating its first edition at home since 48 hours: Cartagena. It does this under tests of actual demand and survival, with different distances, many mountainous sections and various unevennesses in the terrain. The 122 kilometer queen test concluded on Saturday, until the congratulations of two athletes of the country: Javier Martínez and María Isabel Fuentes from Cartagena were the first to cross the finish line, located in the Palacio de Deportes.

In 12 hours, 18 minutes and 31 seconds, Martínez, 35 years old and a resident of La Vaguada, hit the glory. He did it at the same time as Gonzalo Ortiz. Both decided to go together from kilometer 35 and share the bond almost at dawn on Saturday. That image spread like wildfire through social networks, because of the great value of sports and companionship. The men’s podium was completed by José Manuel Moral, who needed another hour.

Accompanied by her two young daughters, María Isabel Fuentes broke the bond. Cartagena, a prophet in her country, was the first woman to arrive at the Palacio de Deportes in 15 hours, 50 minutes, and 45 seconds. In statements to the organization, which released a statement due to signaling problems, Fuentes recalled the difficulty of testing in parts of El Portús and preparing these distances in the middle of the summer.

The queen event started on Friday afternoon from the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos, passed through the Mar Menor, crossed the bay of Portmán, Calvario, San Julián, La Muela and La Azohía, among many other points of high landscape level. The podium was completed by Mari Carmen Martínez (16.20.32) and Ester Sánchez (16.21.03), also a classic and winner of the Cartagena Trail.

Over 66 kilometers the winners were Juan Carlos Celdrán, also from Cartagena (5.53.50), living in La Unión; and Britain’s Caroline Turner (6.53.33), a classic in other editions of Jimbee Volcano, such as in Costa Rica.

Today it is the turn of the 700 participants in the stages of 34 and 10 kilometers. The big attraction will be to see Chema Martínez at this last distance, starting at 9am. The former Olympic athlete, a regular long-distance winner, has had enough rope for a while and wanted to come to Cartagena for a demanding test in Lisbon. Since last Friday he has been around town taking pictures with fans. The start and finish of these races, which give the finishing touch, are at the Palacio de Deportes.

Source: La Verdad


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