Congratulations to Fernando Alonso with all the drivers for his new record


Fernando Alonso It is from record to record. Here in Singapore GP it’s his turn to celebrate the record he reached at Marina Bay as a pilot with more Great prizes disputed in F1, with 351. Therefore, the F1 He wanted to pay tribute to the two-time world champion, who at 41 years old continues to perform at the highest level, as he showed in fifth position in a complex classification under mixed conditions in Marina Bay. Before Sunday’s race, all the drivers on the grid joined the Spaniard in the Singapore straight to take a family photo with an Alonso holding a poster of the 350 GGPP he completed in Monza.

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The closest to the Spaniard was Max Verstappen, who sat next to him for a photo, smiling and joking with the Spaniard. Also his compatriot Carlos Sainz and his partner Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman, despite the sparks that jumped between the two on the track this year, made a joke in Spanish by putting two fingers on the top of his head at the beginning of the picture.

Vettel, one of his great rivals, and who recently recognized that he is not “the best friend” of the Spaniard, came to his arrival in the family photo to talk to the Asturian in a relaxed way, joking, apparently in through Fernando’s smile. Russell was another one of those standing next to Alonso, but not Hamilton, Oviedo’s great rival for that 2007 match, who was a bit further away.

“I’ll reach 400”

The Spaniard equaled Raikkonen’s 350 at the last Italian GP at Monza and now he is left alone at the top of that list with a number of GPs to go up in the “two or three” seasons that Alonso himself said he will continue in the F1. Without walking further, in Italy he already said “I will reach 400”, and highlighted how much this record means: “I know the number because every weekend you repeat it to me , but I don’t look at the statistics. how much. I’m happy to be in F1 for few more years, in the next two or as long as F1 I will reach 400 for sure. It’s a big number. It shows my passion for the sport, my discipline to perform at the highest level. If you don’t perform, you won’t reach 400 races, for sure”

If it ends in Singapore, another record

It’s not the only record he could break this weekend, as Fernando Alonso will overtake Raikkonen at the top of another historic list if he finishes the race. If he crosses the finish line in Singapore, the Spaniard will become the driver with the most career finishes in history with 279.

more notes

This year, Fernando Alonso has already achieved other records at the height of the greatest in history. He became the driver with the longest career in Azerbaijan Grand Prix (he is 21 years and almost 7 months since his debut). At Silverstone, he managed to become the driver with the most kilometers traveled in history (92,684 at the time). And in France he reached another milestone as a driver with the most laps completed in Formula 1 (in France he reached 18,672 laps and that number will continue to grow) surpassing the record held by Kimi Räikkönen . And following up next year in F1, he is sure to surpass the record of 19 F1 campaigns held by Barrichello, Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher, as he marks his 20th campaign.

At 41 years old, Fernando Alonso continues to make history. But he likes it more. He wants to win again. If he succeeds, he will break another Raikkonen record, the longest interval between his first win and his last. Raikkonen took his last win 15 years and 6 months and 28 days after his first. Alonso could raise that bar.

Source: La Verdad


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