From chaos to method


Even now, three days later, rumors of what happened in Montilivi are still swirling. It is not easy to forget, like the cataract of emotions that both teams subjected us to ninety completely confusing minutes. For an unbiased viewer, with no shirt represented, the show must have been uplifting. But for all of us who felt part of what was played there, it was a real test, if we understood as the perfect sinvivir that the teams made in the game. The sense of chaos, of prevailing mismanagement is so clear that no one can predict the outcome. Everything is possible, in a dimensionless range of probabilities. This is usually not to the liking of the coaches, who work methodically, trying to keep the games under control, preventing an unexpected detail from ruining a whole week’s work. Well, on Sunday in Montilivi, both Imanol What Michael They must have gone crazy trying to find the person responsible for that magnificent football prank.

No one seems to have found the key to close the game, and that in the field of play are some of the most trained locksmiths in the championship. This time it fell heads, but the next time it could be very different, because it is very difficult that, repeating the circumstances of last Sunday, the same outcome will be repeated again. That exchange of blows without measure between Girona and Real Sociedad will be remembered over time for its extraordinary, unusual nature, but it will certainly want to be erased from your mind as soon as possible by both technicians.

Imanol Must be working against the clock now to, in the shortest time possible, correct the grave mistakes that have been made, and regain control of the situation. Because it is from the government of this party Real has confirmed his victories.

Without Robin Le Normand it would be colder

I felt that sooner or later he would say this, or something similar: every day without Le Normand becomes a small eternity. He suspected that the team would feel his absence, and although his absence might occasionally go unnoticed, in the global analysis, the sense of loss was palpable.

Last Sunday, in the paradigm game of lack of control and defensive chaos, then Imanol recognized that with this lack of force we will not go very far, I wondered if that happened to the defense gendarme on the pitch. Maybe yes, but… Probably not.

I am one of those who think that the True defense is quite fair: Aritz adheres to dignity, but to what extent; Zubeldia had to reinvent itself as a center, when the ‘factory’ was conceived for other purposes. Pacheco is the future and is in full training. And then there’s Le Normand.

Today, the weight and importance of the Brittany footballer is unquestionable, and although I know Imanol will not like what I say, I have to do it: Without Robin it’s colder there… and Imanol knows it. Breton will also not be able to play tomorrow against the Sheriff.

in permanent solitude

Remiro missed one of Girona’s goals, and there are already people talking about nerves, rest and I don’t know what else. The treatment that goalkeepers often receive is unfair, I can’t resist the temptation to defend them always or almost always. The striker’s mistakes deserve the margin of permissiveness that is not given to the goalkeeper, when each of his interventions has a decisive value.

There is no tourism in Moldova

It is undoubtedly a unique destination, far from the busiest tourist routes. Therefore, this time, Real will not have the massive support on other occasions. The current geopolitical context, with the geographical proximity of an armed conflict, does not help much either. Well, Olabe already said, “we are not going as tourists around Europe”.

Source: La Verdad


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