He will be 90 years old and he will continue nailing them like this: What a great goal from Messi!


Leo Messi He seems to be recapturing his best version this season after a rougher start than expected Paris and as proof of this, the Argentinian left a great goal, a house brand, to put his team ahead against benfica.

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It comes, above, in a connection between three cracks of paris st germain, which makes it clear that past conflicts are now parked. How could it be otherwise, the Argentine started the game on the right wing and finished it on the side. He drove, played with Mbappé, this one with Neymar and left it with caution Messithread, put it all over the square.

To this end, Messi has made 8 out of 13 games, but that’s not all, as he has also distributed 8 assists.made it clear that his acclimatization is complete and he is ready to make a mark this season.

Source: La Verdad


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