FCGolf’s new ‘direction’: how to attract people from the marine industry to the greens


FCGolf’s new ‘direction’: how to attract people from the marine industry to the greens

Top Sailing Charter (TSCH), a company based in Torroella de Montgrí (Baix Empordà, Gerona) specializing in boat charter worldwide, has reached a sponsorship agreement with the Catalan Golf Federation (FCGolf). The goal of Girona SME, founded in 2007, is to open new markets.

The agreement was signed at the company’s facilities in the presence of Ramon Nogué (president of the Catalan Golf Federation), Sergi Alós (CEO of Top Sailing Charter) and Alejandro Andreu (vice president of FCGolf). With this agreement, TSCH will also have a presence in official FCGolf competitions and will offer federated benefits.

Top Sailing Charter has boats all over the world (catamaran, sailboat, schooner, yacht and mega yacht with and without crew) and sails to places like Croatia, Greece, Italy, Balearic Islands, Turkey, France, French Polynesia , Caribbean and Asia among others.

Sergi Alós explained that “we value the part of our potential client that plays golf and fits our philosophy. We want to introduce ourselves to people who are not aware of the activity of the sea and who can enter it”.

Ramon Nogué highlights that “we are very happy that companies like Top Sailing Charter trust us to introduce themselves and, moreover, it fits very well the target clients they are looking for. I believe that this agreement can be very beneficial for both parties and we hope to let it be the beginning of a stable and fruitful relationship”.

Source: La Verdad


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