Gallardo was touched by his massive farewell


explode the Monumental. everything revolves Marcelo Gallardo. This will be his last game as a coach river after his unexpected announcement of the end of the cycle. It was his last chance to lead home for points… There was only room for gratitude and emotion. And it is understandable: it is the farewell to his people of the most important DT in the history of river. A touching movie is coming…

There are no vacant seats. “Muñeco, Muñeco” the fans erupt when Gallardo is announced as coach at this moment where the voice of the stadium announces the line-ups. “Gallant This is river, of river that won’t go away” they shouted after a while. There are flags with multiple messages. Gallardo, Gallardo, Gallardo…

river play against him Central Rosary who is driving Carlos Tevez. The previous defeat of the leader Mouth it gives importance to a party that does not have it. If the millionaires win, they are one point behind the xeneizes. Wow, this game is important. However, Gallardo overcame it all. And it is very good.

The doll transformed river in every sense. He gave it style. It gave him a mystique. This gave him total force in the international arena. He did it as strongly as ever in the head-up with Boca. Since mid-2014, eight and a half years have passed. Go if he knows how to take advantage of the time. It is the aspect of football that goes beyond, because it aims to strengthen the club from all areas, demanding the optimization of the River Camp, the remodeling of Monumental, a first-world organization, in pure seriousness, with absolute need…

That’s why when the players of river When they entered the field, Enzo Pérez burst into tears. A young ball catcher was also crying when Gallardo came in and congratulated him. Then hug Look and from what Charlie Brown tell him “you are the best”, again the fans sing “Muñeco, Muñeco”. And the Doll greeted with raised right arm. He looked shocked.

Then, there is a match where river becoming unstable again. And on top of that it adds Frank Armani with two weak answers allowing Alejo Veliz twice shouted at Monumental. discount Luis Suarez. Central had two goals disallowed by VAR. In an epilogue of much nerves and discussion, Juanfer Quintero was fired. River 1 – Middle 2. Final. And it’s all Gallardo’s again.

“Gallardo, Gallardo” they all shouted. Central’s players and coaching staff seek out Manika to congratulate and hug her with admiration. Then the DT who made history on the River walks into the center circle. His footballers are waiting for him there. All one by one Gallant hugged them. And those hugs are full of strong feelings. Some players cry. Manager Enzo Francescoli came over for another hug.

Captain Enzo Perez handed over a t-shirt Gallant. The Doll puts it under the sack. The people sang again. And he looks, thinks everything, feels everything. Meanwhile, they place all the cups won during their season in the middle circle. In the middle, the Libertadores 2018, of course. Immediately the lights went out because on the giant screen they played a video summarizing this eight year fantasy. At one point, in assigning a title, Gallant He offered it to his mother and was crying. Right now, here, seeing that moment, the Doll broke again.

The light returns. Juanfer Quinteror read a letter on behalf of all members and fans. Then he speaks. The speech was long. It was difficult for him at first, but then he handled the climates and the stops smartly. Gallant: “I have a huge lump in my throat, afraid to express myself, because it’s too much, more than I thought I could have. I just want to say thank you.” And he thanks his mother, his family, his work team, the players, the leaders. This made Francescoli cry. And of course there are words for the fans: “I will miss you so much. Thank you My love. We will meet again.”

Gallant Watch the entire fireworks display. He didn’t seem to want to leave, but he slowly began to walk off the field, accompanied by his players and listening to the classic “Doll, Doll”. He salutes with his right arm and touches his heart, that heart that cannot receive too much emotion. It’s all earned.

Source: La Verdad


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