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Steven Gerrard is already Aston Villa history. The ‘villains’ were published yesterday after the defeat, a statement which formalized the sacking of the former Liverpool player and his entire coaching staff, consisting of Gary McAllister, Neil Critchley, Tom Culshaw, Jordan Milsom and Scott Mason.

Gerrard arrived on the bench at Villa less than a year ago, on November 11 he ended up on the bench of the Birmingham team. At the time, he replaced Dean Smith, current Norwich manager, after the Englishman had won just 3 games out of 11.

The ex-Liverpool man made the classification of 14 to the villains after a bad start to the season. In winter market additions such as Philippe Coutinhoor the great expense for Lucas DigneGerrard managed to leave the team more than half the table behind. But expectations for this season are high.

With top-level signings such as Diego Charlesor the certain inclusion of Coutinho, higher level players such as Watkins, Douglas Louis either mings among others, it was expected that the team could fight to compete for European or Conference League positions, but it did not happen that way.

The two great signings did not bring ‘life’ to Villa, Diego Carlos ruptured achilles tendon at the beginning of the season and can only play two official matches, and Coutinho he did not manage to perform like last season. goodbye Gerrard with 9 points in 11 games, with 2 wins, 3 draws and 6 lossesthe last one very painful for 3-0 against newly promoted Fulham.

The former Aston Villa manager left Birmingham with a average of 1.18 points per game, from a total of 40 games argued, a far cry from the numbers achieved when he was coach of guardsWhere in In 192 games he averaged an average of 2.15 points, achieving a Scottish league record in the 2020/21 season.

Source: La Verdad


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