1-2: Tottenham’s stunning comeback to finish first and kick Marseille


The final result of Group D of Champions it’s as crazy as the ending of Marseille-Tottenham, which ended with a hard-fought win (1-2) in the last game of the game. A wonderful head of Clement Lenglet at the beginning of the second half and a goal from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg in the 95th minute they countered the goal of opportunity mbemba and put the motivated in the round of 16 of the maximum continental competition as leaders, with Eintracht Frankfurt (second). The English comeback Velodrome leaving the French behind and without the consolation of European Leaguewhere is he going? Sports of Portugal despite his loss to Lisbon against the Germans (1-2).

It was a day of infarction in which the four members of this D group, all of them with options, exchanged positions as the goals succeeded in Velodrome of Marseille and the Jose Alvalade of Lisbon. A carousel of emotions rarely seen in the Champions League.

The team from Marseille, knowing that the victory is only worth getting into the round of 16 of Champions League, came out with great force and intensity. His first chance didn’t take long to arrive with a crossed header from the former Barcelona player Alexis Sanchez, about three minutes into the game.

The Tottenham, who crouched down and saw them coming, was not spotted in the area by a French team that soon encountered a serious setback. your hub Eric Baileyex of RCD Espanyol Y Villarrealamong others, was wounded and had to leave his post at Tied up.

the incisor Alexis Sanchez He tried again in the 19th minute with a shot that neutralized the goal Hugo Lloris. The London team, who did not rely on their coach on the bench Anthony Contesent the day before against the Sporting CPhad no qualms about giving all domains to those of Igor Tudor.

The Marseilles he was also a victim of a rough first half since almost the first half hour of the game he was left without the south korean Ohwho had to leave the field after crashing mbembe that he was obviously dizzy. He took his place Bissouma.

This incident somewhat slowed down the thrust of Marseilles before the one Tottenham who did not make any offensive proposition before the cause defended by Paul Lopez, who lived through the first half without fear. Quite the opposite of his colleague from motivated, crywho avoided that those of Tudor scored 1-0 in the 32nd minute after a powerful left-footed shot from veretout.

The first half with a strong attack by the French against a very conservative English team that came to defend in their area with almost all their troops, but it was not enough to prevent the center-back from mbemba beat with a wonderful header after the service of veretout.

A great goal that did the scoreboard justice and brought the velodrome, and what he put Marseilles in the round of 16 as second in the group, with sporting cp, and briefly ‘condemned’ the European League in Tottenham, who started the day as leader. Although just before the break, the English responded with the far whip of right It slipped through the crossbar.

Upon reboot, Anthony Countnot at all happy with his team’s performance, brought on the Brazilian defender EmersonRoyala former of Legs Y Barcelonafor Ryan Sessegnon who suffered badly in the first 45 minutes.

The English began to hold the ball in search of an equalizer which they found with a set piece in the 54th minute. Perisic launched a lateral foul from the left that ended with the ex of Seville Y FC Barcelona Clement Lenglet with a superb header on a spectacular ‘flight’ by the French central defender into the rival defence.

The 1-1 went away again Tottenham in the eighth of Champions and relegated the Marseillais to last place in the group and out of any European competition, although the subsequent return of Eintracht in Lisbon before the Sporting CPin other passionate rivalries of the group, gave them, at least, the consolation of European League.

The motivatedmeanwhile, woke up after seeing wolf ears and rightto fight like a wild boar, he scored a goal midway through the second half that was annulled for a clear offside.

Igor Tudor, technician of Marseillesdid not resign himself to being left in the top continental competition and decided to go for the match trying to recover his team with a triple substitution in the final stage, where they entered Kolasinac, Kaboré and Ünder. But the Gauls fell into haste and anxiety to get back on the scoreboard.

In the last minutes he can win anything. In the 80s, the Tottenham grabbed 1-2 with a massive shot that Hojbjerg which hit the crossbar and in the 82′, Perisicvery supportive in defensive duties, a miraculous clearance with his legs stopped the shot from Alexis Sanchez ending with the goal. And in the 85th minute, a stung header from Kolasinac he was about to ‘kiss’ the tights.

When they passed five minutes of regulation 90, a target of Hojbjergin a swift counterattack by the English, left the Igor Tudor without the European League in a very harsh outcome for a Marseilles He didn’t deserve the loss.




Marseilles: Lopez; Clauss (Kaboré, 73), Mbemba, Bailly (Gigot, 8; Kolasinac, 73), Balerdi, Tavares; Rongier (Luis Suárez, 83), Veretout (Ünder, 73); Guendouzi, Sanchez and Harit.

Tottenham: You cried; Dier, Davies, Lenglet; Perisic, Betancur (Skipp, 84), Höjbjerg, Sessegnon (Emerson, 46); They are (Bissouma, 29), Kane and Lucas (Bryan Gil, 93).

The objectives: 1-0, m.47+: Mbemba. 1-1, m.54: Lenglet. 1-2, m.95: Höjberg.

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (Poland). He advised Lenglet (57) and Höjbjerg (91), for Tottenham.

Incidents: The match corresponding to the final day of group D of the Champions League played at the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille. The North Fund was empty after the incidents of the match against Eintracht Frankfurt. The visiting coach, Antonio Conte, watched the match from the stands due to a UEFA penalty

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Source: La Verdad


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