Anabel Medina: “Very difficult”


The captain of the Spanish team Billie Jean King Cup, Annabelle Medinarecognized as eliminating the competition after losing to Britain 3-0 was a “very hard” blow and highlighted the merits of his rival.

“It was a difficult day for us. In the locker room we were talking as if tennis doesn’t give you twenty-four hours. out of the competition”, Anabel Medina analyzed after losing at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow.

The Spanish captain described the setback received against Great Britain as “very difficult” and praised the home team. “Great Britain played an unbelievable tie. All four players were unbelievable. We expected to be nervous at some point, to be under pressure and we didn’t even see that situation.”

“The players of Great Britain played very well from the first to the last point. All we can say is great, good job and good luck in the semi-finals”, concluded Anabel Medina.

Source: La Verdad


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