“I’m going to play this World Cup like it’s my last”


Facing the imminent World Cup in Qatar, neymar gave an interview for Globoesporte. This is a intimate conversation where the Brazilian star answers personal questions about the sporting and emotional relationship he maintains in world competition.

So, for example, he confessed his feelings about the challenge of the World Cup: “That’s my dream, what I project. Of course, playing for the Brazilian team has always been my dream. Just playing for the national team is awesome. Dating sleep that I don’t fulfill just for myself, but for my friends, who don’t know how to play professionally, for my father, for my grandfather, for my family”

Asked how much the continua affected him criticsNey’s self defense: “Many too injustice for being Neymar, for being what I am in the Brazilian team. I hear things that don’t make sense. I wouldn’t have reached the numbers I have without you disciplined, without training, without fighting to conquer it all. I can’t break records all the time, every day. I worked hard for it I trained it, I quit a lot because of it. The criticism is unfair and hurts me because no one knows the truth about where I live. No one knows my daily life. The people around me, those closest to me, know very well what I do to stay fit, to be 100 percent and not injured. Injuries happen, they are part of the athlete, of the footballer”.

“I take care of myself every day, I prepare for it,” continued the PSG player. “I do the things I need to do to play good football in the game. The day I don’t want to take care of myself anymore, I won’t play soccer anymore. Not because of that, not like that. People need to understand that my life is not what they think it is. My life is what I want. I’m here for that, to break records, try to make history with the Brazilian team”.

Finally, the journalist asked him if it was true that it would be Qatar his last World Cup, as indicated by the persistent rumors circulating in Brazil. To which the player responded: “I will play in this World Cup it seems to be the last one. I always talk to my dad about it. I have to play every game like it’s my last because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I cannot guarantee that he will play another Cup. I honestly don’t know. I’ll play like it’s the last one. Maybe I’ll play one more, maybe not. It depends… He will change coaches, I don’t know if the coach will like me”.

Faced with the real possibility that this would be his last World Cup, the journalist asked him if the reasons were age and physical condition which leads him to think about leaving the competition after Qatar. Neymar responded emphatically: “No. It all depends on how I will be. Something I don’t want to say right now. I want to play this Cup, commit myself to it, because I’m sure of it we have the potential to go very far. Even though many people don’t trust us, we will prove them wrong. I believe that this National Team has a lot of potential and I am convinced that we will go far”.

Source: La Verdad


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