Hard to imagine: the most watched game in the history of World Cups


More than 70 years have passed and the “final” of the 1950 World Cup between Brazil and Uruguay, the famous ‘maracanazo’ It is still living football history, one of those matches that is explained from generation to generation. No doubt, it is, is and will be one of the most important matches ever played. First, because It broke all predictions and was a clear sign that the impossible does not exist in football. Second, because marked by a before and after in the history of ‘canarinha’, who was then dressed in white. And finally, because This is the most watched match in the entire history of the World Cup.

To this day, the exact number is still unknown. of spectators attending the Maracana Stadiumin Rio de Janeiroto see the decisive match of World Cup between Brazil and Uruguay. The the most widespread number was 199,854 viewerswhich in some places revolves around 200,000. In the narrative of World of sports of July 17, 1950 was left to 170,000down FIFAorganism puts the figure that is considered official He said they saw that game live 173,050 peoplewhere the majority are Brazilians, who will never forget that defeat.

Although the ”World Cup final” is always talked about, the truth is that this is not a traditional final. In other words, both teams knew that the winner would be crowned champions, but the format was different from what we know today and the final stage is played by a league system between the four qualifiers.

Spain also participated in that World Cup Y It was one of four teams that made it into the leagueand at the same time played third place against Sweden in Pacaembu Stadium of São Paulo. The choice of Spanish lost 3-1 and finished fourth. The game had 11,227 spectators, 160,000 less than ‘maracanazo’.

Source: La Verdad


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