Goal: 15 million cuts in sections, according to RAC 1


The plans of FC Barcelona reduce by 15 million spending on sports sections, as revealed by the radio station RAC 1. The first main objective will cut between 15% and 20% the salary mass of the teams with the biggest budgets. The board of directors headed by Joan Laporta does not want to continue the economic losses in the sections: at the end of the last financial year, the sections posted a deficit of 48.1 million euros, despite the fact that revenues experienced a global growth of 7%.

The significant cost reduction This will come from the salaries of the most competitive squads, basketball (36 million salary mass) and handball.

Women’s football, as well as youth football, do not enter these deductions. Women’s football, in fact, is not only self-sufficient because the bonuses for the Champions League have improved, but it also generates benefits. It’s a strategic bet by the entity and it doesn’t have to cut profits if it generates what it needs on its own.

clippings will be unequal, proportional in every budget. Thus, roller hockey, with less than two million wages, is the least affected section of professional teams.

Source: La Verdad


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