F1, live | Free Practice and Qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Exercise 3The two Alpines, with the middle, show good potential from the start. Alonso moved up to third position in his first test with medium rubber and Ocon was in fourth position. The two companions, stuck. Alonso, 0″252 behind the best time of Hamilton and Ocon, just 10 thousandths behind Fernando. Yesterday the Asturian was 5 thousandths behind Ocon.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Exercise 3Albert Fàbrega revealed on DAZN F1 that Daniel Ricciardo’s pit stop area was lined with sand. Yesterday the pilot complained that it slipped a lot. He expanded on one of his stops yesterday and almost took his mechanics with him.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Free 3Today Leclerc improved his time on the medium tire and is in third place, ahead of Carlos.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Free 3Hamilton and Russell started on soft tires out of the gate and moved to the top of the timesheets. Sainz finished third with the medium, beating Leclerc on his first attempt, also with the medium rubber.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | ferrari must improveAlbert Fàbrega (DAZN) said that Ferrari is now testing with lower downforce wings and that this is something that many teams tried yesterday with different alka points to find the best possible balance between top speed and downforce and try to avoid graining affecting tire wear more than expected.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Exercise 3The third practice session of the Abu Dhabi GP of F1 2022 begins.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Exercise 3Fernando Alonso smiles with his mechanic as he finishes adjusting his suit. Fernando Alonso said he wanted to “enjoy every moment” this past weekend with Alpine, the team of his heart, before joining Aston Martin in his new and ambitious project.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Exercise 3It will be necessary to see if in these third practice sessions of the Abu Dhabi GP Max Verstappen is capable of showing the superiority of yesterday or if things will settle down between the leading men. The main doubt is to see if Mercedes will be there. So far, Hamilton said yesterday that they don’t expect this to be his strongest weekend and that Red Bull is leading the way. But it predicted a tight match… Nercedes surprisingly dominated the double in Brazil and no one dared to say anything about the star team. The finish will be very important for them as it will be the definitive demonstration that Mercedes is back to fight for everything in 2023, having already got the rules released this year.

F1 GP Abu Dhabi | Exercise 3These third free practice sessions will be key to see if Ferrari manages to improve its one-turn performance, but more importantly, its long-term performance for Sunday. Ferrari emerged on Friday behind Red Bull and slightly behind Mercedes. Although it was only Friday and it was difficult to draw a preliminary conclusion, the clear indication was that Leclerc’s engineer radioed him “our rhythm is not good…”

F1 GP Abu DhabiWelcome to day two of the
Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP 2022. It’s all set for the third free practice starting at the Yas Marina Circuit, where teams will have to test the changes made to their cars’ settings to tackle today’s qualifying and battle for pole position.

Source: La Verdad


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