Spain, the second country with the most road races in World Athletics 2023


World Athletics has presented the road racing calendar for 2023 with a record number of 233 in the entire planetof which 19 are held at Spainthe second most represented country in the world surpassed only by Chinathat will contain 67 tests on the asphalt.

The world athletics calendar It is divided into four categories or ‘labels’ based on the level of testing: Platinum Label (only 14 races worldwide), Gold Label (40), Elite Label (66) and label dry (113).

Naa select the platinum club Spain is represented by Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon (December 4), one of four races in Europe to have this qualification along with London, Berlin and Amsterdam Marathons.

In the second step, with Gold Label, Spain is there Edreams Mitja Zurich Marató Barcecanvas (February 19), the Zurich Marathon Barcelona (March 19) and the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Zurich Half Marathon (October 22).

With the Elite Label the Zurich Seville Marathon (February 19) and the Nationale Nederlanden-San Silvestre Vallecana (31 December).

The large bulk of spanish races (13) receive a qualification ‘Label races’. These are the 10K Valencia Ibercaja (January 15), Mitja International Marathon Vila de Santa Pola (22 January), 10K Ibiza – Platja d’en Bossa (January 29), 10K Facsa Castellón (February 26), BP Castellón Marathon (February 26), Azkoitia Azpeitia – Diego Garcia Memorial (March 25), Movistar Half Marathon Madrid (March 26), Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon (23 April), 15K Night Run Valencia Banco Mediolanum (September 30), TotalEnergies Bilbao Night Half Marathon (October 21), TotalEnergies Malaga Half Marathon (November 12), Málaga Marathon (December 10) and Course of Nassos (31 December).

Including those 19 road races distributed throughout 2023, Spain outperforming other benchmarks such as USA (fifteen), Japanese (Eleven), Thailand (11) or Italy (9).

This recognition was added to its 2022 harvest, where Spain is the second country with the most meetingss (open air, indoor, combined, walking and cross) of the calendar World Athletics.

Source: La Verdad


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