“Where is Messi?” and the reunion of Tata Martino


the year of Dad Martino at FC Barcelona is a hell. Tata ironically called him “study”. He signed what was recommended by the president of Paraguay, endorsed by Macri and the Messi, with a fantastic curriculum but with some ideas on football and team management clashing in the dressing room and the environment. Everything is criticized fathereven the way they dress.

With Leo he had nothing special conspiracy. They are both from Rosario, from Newells, but the impact of the Argentine almost did not last the impact of the first day, then everything is messed up. Not wanting to replace Messi, Tata Martino thought it would be better to reserve him for the final stage of the championship, where the titles are played for, where Tata’s Barça lost everythingeither; the Copa del Rey, the Liga with Atlético in the last game…

“I know that if you (Messi) call the president he will throw me out, but hell, You don’t have to show it every day”. This phrase was revealed by Andoni Zubizarreta. He certainly didn’t tell Messi but he did in the most private environment. The coach felt that Leo always made him feel that he was the best in the world and that he should be attentive to his appearance, his actions.

Tata Martino left Barça and signed for Argentina national team. Two years with two similar experiences: they reached two Copa América finals and both lost against Chile in a penalty shootout. Three years defeat of Tata. Leo Messi decided that it is better to leave the national team and thus announced it publicly.

Others are known. When Sampaoli signed as coach of the albiceleste, Messi He opened the doors of his house public show of support that he doesn’t have with Tata. He has a good relationship with Scaloni and continues to highlight the work of DT.

Tata left and eventually agreed to direct the selection of Mexico. Ironies of soccer and life, Mexico can leave Argentina of the World Cup.

Don’t think Tata is happy at the World Cup. The Mexican fans answered him whistle their tactical decisions and selection of players. The tie earlier Poland leaving the group open and waiting for this to happen on the second day of this first phase.

Argentina team tries find with Scaloni the changes that allow Leo Messi to lift the situation. On the street, Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia continued to provoke the derision of rival albiceleste fans. “Is it Messi? Dozens of fans keep repeating like a rapper. “Messi bye, bye”, sing the Brazilians. Leo has trained separately these days, ready to return a very bad start to World Cup. But everything can’t be written yet. Even in his relationship with Tata.

Source: La Verdad


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