Official: The RACC Catalunya Rally has dropped from the 2023 calendar


Official: The RACC Catalunya Rally has dropped from the 2023 calendar

The FIA ​​made official this Friday the calendar of the 2023 World Rally Championship, which definitively confirms that the RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada has fallen into the 2023 WRC World Championship, which will consist of 13 events, with the return of Mexico and Chile and a new event Central European asphalt. They fell, in addition to Spain, Belgium and New Zealand.

“ClubRACC continues to work with the promoter so that RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada will once again qualify for the WRC in 2024. With the same rigor as before, in 2023 RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada will qualify for other championships “, he reacted. .the RACC through social networks.

The season starts with the Monte Carlo Rally from January 19-22, to give way to Sweden on February 9-12 and the return to Mexico on March 16-19. Croatia (April 20-23), Portugal (May 11-14) and Italy (June 1-4) will be preceded by the Kenya Safari Rally (June 22-25) and from there Estonia (July 20-23), Finland ( 3). -August 6) and Greece (September 7-10) to travel to Chile (September 28-October 1), before facing the final sprint on asphalt in Central Europe (October 26-29) -via Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria – and Japan (16-19 November).

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The RACC Rally has been a fixture on the WRC calendar since 1991 and in 30 years it has only been left in 1994, due to rotations imposed by the FIA ​​​​for three years, and in 2020, this time because of the pandemic.

Source: La Verdad


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