Scaloni, no laps: “The ’10’ decided the game”


It’s nice to talk Lionel Scaloni. Argentina has successfully passed the fight to Mexico, that rivalry that if ended in defeat, he was eliminated from the World Cup. However, the coach tried to escape the emotion that also attacked him in the middle of the game. Because like Pablo Aimar his tears flowed after the goal of Lionel Messithe technician missed some when Enzo Fernandez cried the second.

The journey through the words of scaloni. first raised to Messi: “We know the game will be difficult. We had a suspicion that Mexico would play us with a line of 5. We cost a lot in the first half, but we corrected it at half time by putting Guido Rodríguez between the central defenders. We match in the middle. Then they saw what happened. The ’10’ decided the game. And it’s good for us. He has a group behind him that supports him. It’s exciting in every way.”

keep stroking Leo: “We have known for years that we have the best in the world. I think even the Mexican fans are happy with him, even if he scores against them”. After a while, he remarked: “In addition to great players, we have Leo.” And he clarified: ” Messi finished well.”

“It’s hard to understand in other cultures”

then, scaloni He parked in the explanation of tears, of relief: “It’s because of everything we live, because the family suffers, because friends suffer. It’s hard to understand in other cultures and in other countries. But in our country is not like that. In that case, our players will be aliens. When you go out knowing everything or nothing, it’s very difficult to play. The Argentina fan is amazing and we thank him, but it’s more difficult to play in the shirt this than others.”

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The coach expanded the reasoning: “It’s a reflection of what you’re really experiencing here. It’s necessary to have a little more common sense and know that it’s just a football game. It can’t be. Recently I was called my brother from my town and told me that he went to the middle of the field not to listen to the game, that he put it at the end … The feeling that you are playing more than a football game and I do not share. The players feel the same way. And it can’t be. We have to correct it. It’s the relief. It’s hard to make people understand that the sun will shine tomorrow, win or lose.”

scaloni He rounded off: “The game is over. We won, we celebrated in the locker room. I also celebrated. That’s it, it’s over. Now comes the next game. You have to have a balance when you win and when you lose. That’s what I mean.”

“Lautro’s departure is tactical”

DT was not proud of his successful change: “Lautro’s departure was tactical. We believe that with Julián we can have movements, diagonals, a new player. Sometimes changes work. At Enzo we are looking for a pass forward, distribution game. Guido did his job very well. Then we need something else, to be more frontal and not give too many passes to the sides”.

Eventually, scaloni He closed: “The other day was a stumbling block that could in no way destroy all the good we were doing. It’s fun to watch this team play. It’s incredible how this group represents this shirt”.

Source: La Verdad


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