La Roja sweeps ‘TV’ again!


The Spanish teamback to the forefront, and in style, the hearings television this Sunday. The match between Spain and Germany, which corresponds to the second day of the group stage of the World Cup, had an audience of 11.2 million viewerswhich is assumed to be a stratospheric 60.7% share of the screen.

The peak of the audience was reached at the same time as the result of the meeting. As of 9:53 pm there were 13,240,650 viewers glued to the small screen, following the latest incidents of the great match between the Spanish and the German. A figure representing a 65.4% share.

These numbers make the meeting most watched broadcast of the year in number of viewers, although the screen share was still lower than the Eurovision Song Contest votes, which reached 61.3% screen share.

In Germany, the figures are equally amazing. According to data from the specialist company AGF, the crash was followed by several 17 million fans, almost double the audience of the first match, in which Flick’s men were surprisingly defeated by Japan and brought together 9.2 million viewers in front of the small screen.

And in Francedespite the fact that the match was not played by the ‘bleu’ team, they were 7.48 million viewers followed the clash via TF1, representing a share of 30.4%.

Source: La Verdad


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