Murray Halberg, New Zealand sports legend, dies


Murray Halberg, New Zealand sports legend, dies

the new zealand Murray Hallbergwho overcame serious injuries to win the 5,000-meter gold medal at the 1960 Rome Olympics and later dedicated his life to charity work, died at the age of 89as reported by Athletics New Zealand, which did not disclose the cause of his death.

Halberg is one of the most iconic names in New Zealand sport, having become the first New Zealander to run a mile in under four minutes. He achieved his achievements despite a chronic arm injury sustained playing rugby union as a teenager.

Halberg is also known for publicizing an organization to help disabled children play sports. It is now called the Halberg Disability Sports Foundation and recognizes New Zealand’s best athletes each year. In addition, it conducts various activities for children with physical or visual disabilities.

“He is a legend in New Zealand athletics,” Sports Minister Grant Robertson said. “But his contribution was more than that. Through the Trust, Sir Murray changed the lives of generations of New Zealanders. The sheer joy we witness every year at the Halberg Games is a validation of his vision,” recognition by Robertson.

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