3-4: Villarreal beat Galatasaray with a great first half


The excellent first half finished by Villarreal, in which they scored their four goals, allowed Quique Setién’s team to beat Galatasaray (3-4) at home in the second and final game of the team’s stay Castellón in Turkey.

Coquelin, Mojica and Chukwuez made it 0-3 on the scoreboard in minutes 22, 37 and 32, Gomis bridged the gap and before the break (m.44) Jorge Pascual made it 1-4. At the start of the second half, Abdulkerim made it 2-4 and in extra time and a penalty Demiroglu made it 3-4.

Villarreal lined up Reina (Gianni. m.77), Kiko Femenía (De la Fuente. m.57), Mandi, Cuenca (Albiol. m.46), Mojica; Morlanes (Parejo. m.46), Coquelin (Capoue, m. 46), Trigueros (Collado, m.46); Baena (Iosivof, m.77), Jorge Pascual (Gerard Moreno, m.57) and Chukwueze (Quintero, m.77)

The people from Castellón were serious and very successful in those first 45 minutes, although from the start the local team pushed harder until the game opened up, especially after the 0-1 draw, the work of Coquelín. In just ten minutes two more goals came.

Galatasaray closed the gap by pressing from the corner, with a header from Gomis, while an error in the delivery of the ball by the Turkish team at the end of the first half left Chukwueze and Jorge Pascual, who made it 1-4.

In the second half, Villarreal did not capitalize on their chances, but neither did the Turkish team. Juan Mata with a shot on the crossbar came close to making the score 2-4, something that happened twelve minutes into the second half, with a header from Abdulkerim beating Pepe Reina with a good cross from the left wing.

Arrivals were exchanged for both teams, featuring Yusuf Demir for the local side and Baena and Gerard for the visitors, until a penalty taken by Mojica closed the match at 3-4.

Source: La Verdad


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