At the 2012 London Games there were 73 undetected positives for doping


At the 2012 London Games there were 73 undetected positives for doping

The International Anti-Doping Analysis Agency (ITA) has completed re-analysis of samples collected during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.a process in which 73 previously unseen positives were found.

As a result, 31 medalists had to return their prizes and 46 medals were returned in four sports: weightlifting (22), wrestling (4), athletics (18) and canoeing (2), the ITA reported at the end of the review.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has begun re-examining stored samples from the 2004 Athens Games.. In 2018, these functions were transferred to the ITA, the new body responsible for controls to which most international federations have already assigned their anti-doping policy.

In the case of the London Games, 2,727 samples were re-examined, selected according to the studied criterion of which sports, athletes and countries are at risk.

According to the Agency, the majority of cases discovered and sanctioned were due to the consumption of anabolic steroids, which was detected thanks to the long-term metabolite test (LTM), an analytical method that was not yet available during the initial analysis of the samples in 2012.

Of the 73 anti-doping rule violations detected, 21 were committed by Russian athletes11 of Belarusians, 7 of Ukrainians, 6 of Kazakhs, 5 of Turks, 4 of Romanians and 3 of Azerbaijanis.

Two violations were committed by the delegations of Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan and one violation by the delegations of Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.

8 gold, 14 silver and 9 bronze medals were withdrawn; and 8 gold, 16 silver and 22 bronze were reassigned.

Spain is one of the countries that benefited from the new distribution of medalswhen weightlifter Lidia Valentín went from bronze to gold after the re-evaluation of the three athletes ahead of her in the -75 kg category: the Kazakh Svetlana Pobodebova, the Russian Natalya Zabolotnaya and the Belarusian Iryna Kulesha.

Between medalists and non-medalists, weightlifting (36 cases) and athletics (28) are by far the sports with the most new discoveries, ahead of wrestling (3), canoeing (2) and, with one case , boxing. , cycling, swimming and volleyball.

Source: La Verdad


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