UCAM, to the final stage of the Endesa Mini Cup


The pupils of Nino Solana win on the last day of the qualifying round of Cajasiete Canarias (78-87)

Homegrown UCAM CB Murcia players will join Real Madrid, Joventut, Real Betis, Barcelona, ​​Unicaja Andalucía and Valencia Basket in the closing stages of the 2023 Endesa Mini Cup. A trophy that will be awarded next February (17 -19), at the same time as the Copa del Rey, in Badalona.

The Murcians started the qualifying phase played in Valencia with a convincing victory over Inlingua Granada (81-62). The first of the four games played was a preview of the recital of the university team and especially of Stefan Binaca, who alerted the fans and clubs there with 17 points and 14 rebounds. The second game, on the other hand, was a jug of cold water after a big defeat against the almighty Barcelona (74-24), but they knew how to react as the following games ended in victory.

The third day, against the Granada, culminated in a great group performance by the university students after defeating Cenor Obradoiro (68-93) where they secured second place in the group, in a duel in which, even with good play, Of all the players of homegrown, the name Rybar Matus stood out above the rest. The young Slovenian had 28 points and 7 rebounds.

Already in the final match-up against Cajasiete Canarias, the players of Nino Solana knew how to adapt to all the environments that a match with these characteristics can create. And it is that during the first bars of the game the university students lost ten points and it was only in the last quarter that the Murcian team put another gear on the scoreboard to take the victory (78-87) and gain a foothold among the grand finalists of the Endesa 2023 Mini Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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