A player from CD Fuentes, Osasuna’s last rival in the Cup, has died


Luis Miguel Lopez,luismi‘, 23 years old and soccer player in CD Sourcesdied in a traffic accident that occurred last night on the N-232, in the municipality of Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza).

The club, which plays in the Regional Preferred category, recently made national news when it faced Osasuna, from the First Division, in one of the Copa del Rey matches, where Fuentes lost 4-1 about a month ago ago

The traffic accident in which the young soccer player lost his life occurred when two vehicles, one of which he was driving, collided. The accident occurred at kilometer 214 of the N-232, as reported by the Civil Guard. And it happened in a section that is being built as part of the expansion project for this road, which has long been claimed in Aragon.

From the club they showed themselves, on social networks, “absolutely disappointed.”

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Source: La Verdad


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