Ontiveros neutralizes Tenerife’s advantage for Villarreal B


Villarreal B and Tenerife equal to two goals in a match where the entry of Javier Ontiveros It is key for the local team to neutralize the advantage of the Canarian team (0-2) in a clash where the visitors have been from more to less, just opposite the subsidiary of Villarreal.

In the 55th minute, the progress of the match smiled on Tenerife, who scored a penalty and a shot that was confirmed by VAR, but Ontiveros, when he entered, made it 1-2, also from a penalty and cross gave 2- two.

The first instance of the match was resolved with 0-1. It was in a penalty after the demolition of Dela to Iván Romero that Elady changed by deceiving the local goal. This happened in a phase of the match where the Tenerife team had the initiative.

A header from Fer Niño (m.26) became the first choice of danger for the local team in a match that was balanced with a lot of midfield, but neither team surrounded the rival’s goal.

At the start of the second half, the Villarreal subsidiary showed no sign of being able to neutralize the deficit against a Tenerife side that not only looked comfortable but was looking for a second goal.

He found it on a Mellot header that was deflected by Iker Álvarez, but VAR showed that the ball crossed the goal line at the moment of the rebound and the goal went up on the scoreboard.

Less than a few minutes passed until the locals got back into the fight. Ontiveros, who had just entered the field, converted a penalty from Aitor Buñuel to Collado.

The match went back and forth and got the emotion missing in the first half as a result of local motivation after closing the gap on the scoreboard, while Tenerife’s goal was the start to maintain the advantage.

Ontiveros, who took a free kick, placed an accurate cross on the head of Collado, who established the equalizer ten minutes from the end and put the local team in a position to achieve a comeback, because the team of Canarian is not at the level shown until 1-2.

The final tie did justice to the merits of each. Villarreal B continue unbeaten at home and Tenerife are unable to find their second win.

Data sheet:

2 – Villarreal B: Iker Álvarez, Carreira (Migue Leal, m.16), Dela, Pablo Íñiguez, Tasende, Haissem (Arana, m.84), Carlo, Del Moral, Pacheco (Ontiveros, m.59), Collado and Fer Niño (Álex Forés , m.59).

2 – Tenerife: Juan Soriano, Aitor Buñuel, Sergio González, Sipcic, Mellot, Mo Dauda (Shashoua, m.68), José Ángel (Aitor Sanz, m.59), Javi Alonso (Larrea, m.68), Elady, Romero and Borja Garcés (Selma, m.86).

the objectives: 0-1, m.13: Elady, penalty. 0-2, m.55: Mellot. 1-2, m.61: Ontiveros. 2-2, m.80: Hill.

Referee: De la Fuente Ramos (Committee of Castilla-León). He advised Carlo (m.19) and Arana (m.90) for Villarreal B and Sepcic (m.52), Elady (m.72) and Sergio González (m.79) for Tenerife.

happenings. The match on the twentieth day of the Second Division League was played at the José Manuel Llaneza sports city in front of 1,465 spectators.

Source: La Verdad


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