Doha, the capital of Morocco


The Moroccan illusion here world football reaches beyond its borders. Like its people, many of them are scattered around the world, but keep their roots intact. Without further ado, what will happen to the selection of the Atlas lions, where 14 of the footballers were born outside their country.

Morocco It was the first African team to play in the semifinals of a World Cup and the entire continent turned to the team Walid Regragui. In addition, it is the only Arab team still alive in the tournament and has hooked its entire community. In Doha, it is not for less. The Moroccan team almost became the host, thanks in large part to the strong colony of compatriots it has in the Qatari capital. In addition, of the 40,000 who traveled for the occasion, an estimated 300,000 Moroccan immigrants live in the country hosting the World Cup. And the red took the capital.

The various emblematic places of Doha proudly displaying Moroccan flags. The buildings of La Perla, in the DCC, the financial part of the city, or in the West Bay, another sector with impressive skyscrapers, are illuminated for several days in the colors of the choice of Morocco. You can also see the country’s flag, messages of encouragement for football players or pictures of the players or the coach himself on the endless giant light panels scattered around the city. Even in the panels of highways, the group of judge and company.

Bunker to semifinals

In West Bay, one of the most central and hotel areas, resides the African team during the tournament. At the wonderful Wyndham Doha The team is eagerly waiting to face France. A place that is especially popular with Atlas Lions fans, who are just leaving their hotel to go to the training camp. In fact, the national team bus was parked at the door, as if forming a barrier, while its fans did not lose the illusion of seeing their idols and kept watch for several hours.

But the evolution of Morocco in this championship he changed the habits of the team. There are no more trips to the malls, no more interviews with footballers and contact with the press is minimal. Furthermore, the coach gave his players a day off to be with their families –reragui He invited all the mothers of footballers-, but then he put his team to protect his sons. As they qualified for the quarterfinals after defeating Portugal, only one 15-minute training session was open to the press: the FIFA requirement before each match.

You don’t want to distract your players. He knew very well that they were the surprise and many of them were now being discovered. But his media exposure would come later. They have made history, but they are not satisfied. They are two games away from utopia. They want to do it for their country, for their mothers, for their roots, for Moroccans who had to leave their land and now come out with pride to celebrate and show their flag wherever they are . Naa Dohawhich is now red.

Source: La Verdad


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