‘Pichichi’ Torreira is approaching Fiorentina in Europe


A goal from Uruguayan Lucas Torreira enough for Fiorentina to prevail Venice (1-0) and put the ‘viola’ team in positions in Europe in the absence of Latium play their match equivalent to this thirty -three rounds of Serie A.

Top filmmaker ‘viola’

Ang flowers continues to grow in the final stages of this season thanks to the beautiful presentation of torreira. The Uruguayan amassed five goals and was placed as the team’s top scorer.

Those in Florence were devastated a Venice remaining in relegation and attacking sixth place, of the Conference League, at the expense of what is happening in Rome between Latium and the Turin. The group in the Italian direction Vincenzo Italian He did not give the Venetian the option, who only shot twice – once on goal – for 22 local attempts. A single goal is lacking in what can be opposed.

torreira he was able, half an hour into the match, taking advantage of the excitement in the area almost in front of goal, insert the ball into the goal defended by Finn. Niki Maenpaa with one heel as the two defenders of Venezia piled on top of him. Artemio Franchi celebrated a new goal for the Uruguayan.

Three consecutive wins

The ‘viola’ team has not recognized defeat in the league since last February and, after three consecutive victories, they intend to fight until the very end to secure a spot in continental competitions next season. Although he still needed a ‘prick’ from the Roman teams to rely on themselves to achieve the goal.

With the success of Cagliariang Venice Survival is very complicated, although with only five days and one game missing, everything is still open. To stay afloat, a change of dynamics was immediately necessary, as they experienced seven consecutive defeats.

Source: La Verdad


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