The Athletic Foundation continues without a captain on board


At the Athletic Foundation, in the same way as with the general director of football since the Carlos Aviña case broke out in the middle of the electoral campaign, there is currently a power vacuum. The board led by Uriarte went on a few weeks ago to announce that Juan Carlos Ercoreca and Jon Vázquez-Eguskiza will leave the aforementioned entity through, the official version, “common agreement”.

More than a month later, both positions will continue, at least publicly, without their respective replacements. The Foundation, therefore, lacks or until recently lacked a visible head. Something that doesn’t matter, because someone needs to sign, among other things, the various payments that need to be made.

word of the candidate

Uriarte already made it clear before being elected as president that “Athletic is not a short-term club, paying incredible clauses to win elections or doing crazy things, there are coaches who can put the institution at risk. We believe in good sense. In investing yes, but with common sense, with a head and always thinking about the future and the long term”. We have to wait to know what the current directive’s strategic plan is for this mandate.

Source: La Verdad


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