Alcaraz got the tattoo everyone was waiting for


Carlos Alcaraz He decided to try a first tattoo on his left forearm. He chose for the occasion a countryman with a fine hand for art, BargainMurcian as the youngest number one in history to live in Los Angeles.

The meeting between the two Murcian phenomena resulted in a tattoo with many meanings, the one that all Carlitos’ followers have been waiting for.

Many times he featured the figure of his paternal grandfather, to whom the family owes a debt of tennis. The father of number 1, Carlos, had no way to find a place on the circuit but in the third generation the now learns Juan Carlos Ferrero.

The US Open champion decided to tattoo his main philosophy on his skin, the three Cs of grandfather Carlos: Head, Heart and Balls.

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Although the picture of the work given on social networks is not clear enough, there is no doubt that there are emoticons, a brain, a heart and two eggs and the CCC.

Source: La Verdad


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